Monday, 12 December 2011

The time-giving frog

An objet d'art and the consummation of traditional watchmaking expertise, this clock has been created in the form of an articulated frog in 18K yellow gold on an obsidian and jade base. The rotating mother-of-pearl dial is decorated with white gold, diamond-set Roman numerals. A gold, diamond-paved fly indicated the time.

The frog, which is set with diamonds and has two emerald eyes, opens its mouth and croaks on the hour. Two different mechanisms, wound simultaneously, operate the functions: one the time, with a 190-hour power reserve; the other, with three barrels connected in series, the automata.

This exquisite masterpiece weighs 7.9 kilos, contains 2.207 kilos of 18K gold, 1.250 kilos of obsidian, 708 grams of jade, 556 diamonds (18.14 carats), two cabochon emeralds (14.14 carats) and 24 mother-of-pearl plates (360 grams).

The key for the clock's winding-mechanism is embellished with a cabochon sapphire (3.74 carats) and the key for the automata with a cabochon ruby (1.34 carats). The movement of this time-giving frog weighs 3.691 kilos.

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

The watch of space heroes

For the second consecutive year, the readers of the Italian magazine, "L'Orologio", have awarded the first prize in the "1995 Top Watch" competition (chronograph category) to the Omega Speedmaster Professional.

Known affectionately as the "Moon Watch", the Omega Speedmaster Professional is today worn by the world's fastest drivers (like Formula One World Champion, Michael Schumacher) and has a high profile screen outing in the Tom Hanks movie, "Apollo 13". After a technical fault seriously damaged the main power and oxygen supply of the spacecraft, it was the accuracy of Jack Swigert's Omega Speedmaster Professional that enabled the crew of Apollo 13 to embark on the correct course home. A less than perfect timing would have sent them careering into a never ending orbit of the sun.

Featuring a tachyproductometric scale for calculating a vehicle's speed, this mechanical hand-winding chronograph comes with a luminous dial, screwed-back water-resistant case and stainless steel bracelet.

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