Monday, 7 November 2011

Jupiter Pilot and Chronospace II

Breitling, the Swiss watch manufacturer which has traditionally specialised in the design, development and production of high quality precision timepieces, especially chronographs, has developed two more new models: Jupiter Pilot and Chronospace II.

Launched in 1952, the Jupiter Pilot's flight computer was designed as a circular slide rule with logarithmic scale, allowing pilots and navigators to effect simple operations such as calculating fuel consumption, mean speed, rate of climb and descent, mile-to-kilometre conversions and more. The new model is redesigned to improve dial legibility, an important feature of any instrument used in an aircraft.

Unlike fixed tachymeter designs, the Chronospace II's exclusive variable tachymeter will measure speeds whatever the distance travelled or the time elapsed. Its technical design facilitates the simple and logical operation of its entire range of functions, which is commanded and controlled directly by the crown.

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