Thursday, 1 October 2009

If you haven't heard of Holborn, it's about time you do!

Made in Germany, Holborn features an excellent collection of timepieces crafted from steel, steel and gold, 18K solid gold, as well as a limited edition of jewellery/precious stones watches. Its distinctive dimpled bezel is inspired by the love for golf, but you don't have to love golf to appreciate its beauty and craftsmanship.

"Bearing in mind both elements of a golfer's desire — high prestige and immediate recognition through its design on the one hand, and excellent quality and a sound investment on the other — were vital considerations in developing the Holborn watch," explains Mr Jurgen Heinz, owner of Holborn. "And of course, another main criterion in the design was that although the main target was to develop a golf watch, its overall appearance also had to appeal to non-golfers and any exclusive taste for a beautiful watch."

This target has obviously been successfully achieved. The leading German-Swiss publication for watches and jewellery, Schmuck and Uhren, awarded Holborn's "Tournament Royal" the cover page in the July 93 issue which highlighted the most beautiful gold watches of 1993. Being in competition with all the major established brands, this was an outstanding achievement for a newcomer, although Mr Heinz actually comes from a reputed watch-manufacturing family with a tradition since 1936.

Crafted by expert craftsmen in a factory of long tradition, and in the jewellery and watch manufacturing township of Pforzheim (the Geneva of Germany, if you must), Holborn is a new brand with a rich past in watch-making. In fact, the Holborn factory also manufactures steel and gold casings for some very established Swiss brands.

With the ingenious blending of 18-carat gold with steel or solid gold, each Holborn watchcase is individually crafted out of a solid steel or gold block and each dimple drilled manually. The watchcase is then combined with high-value, handcrafted leather straps or handwoven Milanese gold bracelets. For the "Tournament Carat" models, flawless diamonds can be selected for the casing or the gold bracelets, and of course, both combined. The "Tournament Royal" comes with a Swiss precision quartz movement; the "Tournament Master" provides a Swiss Automatic Chronometer; and the top-of-the-line "Tournament Classic" which features the famous Piquet movement, comes in a limited edition.

Holborn is an excellent alternative to those who would appreciate exclusivity and particularly to those who would love a chance to go against the grain.

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