Monday, 27 July 2009

A brief timeline of wristwatch development

End of 18th century: Decorative watches worn on a bracelet documented

1800-1880: Various forms of arm-bands with ladies watches, presumably one of a kind creations

1880-1910: Ladies ornamental watches, military and other watches. The small round pocket watch still sets the pattern.

1910-1930: Experimental phase of wristwatch. New concepts of technology and design were tested.

Since 1930: Wristwatch becomes an independent, attainable type of timepiece. Dominance of the wristwatch begins. The pocket watch rapidly loses significance.

1952: Development progress of electro-mechanical watches

1957: First American wristwatch

1960: Bulova, a US-Swiss firm, introduced the Accutron tuning fork into the competitive watch market.

1962: Founding of the Swiss Centre Electronic Horologer Research Centre

1967: Prototype of a quartz wristwatch achieves new precision record in competition at the Neuenburg Observatory.

1970: Two million Bulova Accutron watches were sold.

By the late 70s: Electronic quartz watches began to take over the watch market.

Now: Simple, classical, mechanical watches making a comeback

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