Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Bvlgari Time

Bvlgari jewels are usually made of many different materials, in a great variety of colours and can be worn on many occasions for different lifestyles. The influence of jewellery craftsmanship on Bvlgari watches is evident many timepieces. In steel or gold, with leather, steel or gold wristbands, they are often enriched with diamonds.

In more than a century, the Bvlgari cachet of exclusivity has never been compromised. They sell only in Bvlgari shops, offer an exclusive service and by salemen specially trained by the Bvlgari family.

Bvlgari's Anfiteatro watch is a limited edition piece conceived as a collector's items in two different versions. One in yellow gold with a black watch face (490 pieces) and the other in platinum with an opaline face (95 pieces). Each comes in a handsome leather case.

Inspired by Renaissance architecture, Bvlgari's Bugnato clocks are stunning timepieces reflecting a distinctive style and stonework of the age. Gold is the linking element between the eight clocks in the range. Combined with the strong use of colour in sapphire, coral and citrine, they are certainly collector's items.

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