Saturday, 24 May 2008

Watch trends (part 3)

Today, most people own more than one watch. For example, executives may have watches that compliment their status and form part of their working attire, besides owning watches with or without diamonds for evening functions and weekend, sporty watches for casual wear.

The introduction of fashion brand watches has injected very keen competition in the watch business on the one hand, but this has also helped revolutionise the watch market as a part of our lifestyle. The watch business was booming back then and anyone who had a fashion name simply added watches to their product line. Consumers were confused with the fancy and colourful watches that were priced reasonably.

However, these fashion watches added an element of interest in the watch industry, which watch retailers and agents felt was an advantage to the industry.

Within that short span of time, consumers noticed an image problem conflict with the price of the fashion timepieces, which in turn destroys the image of the fashion name. Slowly but surely, the demand for these franchised names sizzled off.

Now, customers are buying simple, classical and mechanical watches that are manufactured by authentic watchmakers.

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