Thursday, 22 May 2008

Watch trends (part 2)

Basically, watches fall in the high, medium or low price range, to meet the needs of different kinds of customers. Those in the watchmaking forte produce good mechanical watches that belong to the higher price range and cater to customers who buy good quality watches that last and depict their status symbol.

Automatic and quartz watches fall in the medium priced range, the bulk of which cater to the professionals and engineers who appreciate the watch movements. And there are also cheap and fun accessory watches.

Presently, a revival of the past is distinct as watchmakers move towards the old style watches with emphasis placed on complicated watches. Watchmakers are also recreating old movements and putting them into new watches. And Swiss watchmaking is making a comeback through authentic, original watches to cater to customers who have become very discerning.

There is also a growing breed of sophisticated buyers who know exactly what they are looking for. They go for value, history of the manufacturer and quality and do not mind paying more for a watch.

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