Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Watch trends (part 1)

Since its creation, the wristwatch has always been a marriage of form and function. While it serves as a timekeeping device, its form is a piece of jewellery.

As a jewellery, it traces its roots back to the bracelet, which has adorned the human wrist for many millennia. They are seen on statuary and other portrayals of human adornment and fashion from nearly every era and from around the world.

Its function begins much later. Mechanical means of marking time began in the late 13th century.

While there is no one date for the "invention" of the bracelet watch, some significant steps in its development are traced to the late 18th and early 19th centuries. The trend continues in the 19th century. Generally, all watches tell time but a few reveal the sophistication of a customer's taste.

Over the past decades, the watch market has been inundated by countless new brands. Even companies not previously involved in the watch business have diversified into this product line, which keeps the business competitive.

And there will always be customers who want the best the watch industry can offer. Such customers are part of a very selective clientele. They may also own fashion watches as accessories but those serve very different purposes.

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