Thursday, 29 May 2008

The name that spells luxury - Cartier

In the world of generics, there are very few names that have been elevated to such status. Think Hoover, Kleenex and Thermos - functional, common-garden products that earned their cachet for being universally used.

It probably would not be long before Cartier earns the same accolade; in the reverential coinage of such as "the Cartier look".

Founded in 1847 as jewellers to the gentry, the Cartier name means more than expensive baubles today. The concept mooted in 1968 with Les Must de Cartier speaks volumes of both cash and cachet. It certainly comes very close to being a generic if not one already as embodied in the tenet.

One simply "must have a Cartier" if one is to reflect class and luxury. The range of Cartier goods today is far-ranging, from lighters to leather goods. And in between, Cartier perfumes and other conspicuous items do separate the hoi poloi from the affluent.

As the largest jeweller in the world and the sterling reputation of being bijou creators to the rich, famous and blue-blooded, Cartier has earned its impeccable credentials. Rare are the collections of the wealthy and royalty that do not have a specially-commissioned Cartier jewel.

In 1984, the Cartier Foundation of Contemporary Art was established and that should take the cachet well into the 21st century.

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