Thursday, 18 October 2007


The Fabrique Juvenia, one of the oldest watch factories, was founded at St. Imier. In 1880, when the workshops had insufficient space, Juvenia moved to its present site at La Chaux-de-Fonds.

In 1907, Juvenia introduced its first wristwatch and started manufacturing its own movements in 1908, but gave up this production in 1925.

In 1920, Juvenia started producing wall clocks, created the automatic wristwatch in 1937 and introduced, in 1938, the famous Mystere line - a fancy transparent watch with a coloured centre on the face crystal - which is still treasured today.

In 1942, Juvenia introduced the first flat movements, thus, the flat pocket watches which were well known and popular worldwide.

Today, Juvenia exclusively produces limited series, using mainly 18k gold or a combination of gold and stainless steel. Several watches are also fitted with gold dials and diamonds with precious stones.

All Juvenia timepieces have extra flat quartz or special sophisticated mechanical movements. One of Juvenia's specialities is the limited edition super-flat skeleton watches where the mechanical movements are also entirely made in solid gold and each piece is numbered individually. The company is also famous for its 18k gold coin timepieces.

Juvenia watches which are distinctly designed is easily recognised by watch connoisseurs and are available in more than 50 countries supported by network of after-sales service centres.


Callaway said...

According to your post, Juvenia started producing pocket watches in 1942; however, I have a Juvenia pocket watch with a "151229" engraved on on it.

Any thoughts?

Rafael Delapaz said...

hi, my grandfather left me a couple really nice auto matic wristwatches, which he had worn in cuba as a police chief(pre communism) how he got them to miami, is the mystery. i have a question about the juvenia. its beutifuly simple. no jewels on the face. obviously gold, three hands, hour minute and sweeping second hand. its about 1 1/4 inch in diameter. #158680. is the number marked on the back. what does the original band look like? and any where i can see a catalogue of pre 1950 nwatches? thank you

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