Monday, 3 September 2007

TAG-Heuer 6000 Senna Limited Edition

A rare and prestigious sports watch in three sizes that were issued in remembrance of Formula One World Champion, Ayrton Senna. Only 1000 of each size were made, crafted from stainless steel with the TAG-Heuer logo on the bezel and dial with addition of the Senna "S" on the lower case.


Anonymous said...

I do have 2 units of the Senna Tag Heuer 6000, both large size, bought back in 1995 and unused and with all papers and boxes. Real collector's time pieces. Should anyone have interest on them, please leave a comment with your contact info.


Anonymous said...

interested. could you email me at nkostaki900 ((at])

Anonymous said...

I am interested could you email me on

Anonymous said...

Hello. I am the one who posted the 2 Senna Tag Heuer 6000. I am renewing the post so you all may know that they are for sale again. 2 Brand new watches, both with steel bracelet and one spare leather band. All papers and boxes.

Interested? Leave your email here and I will get back to you. Thanks

David said...

I am still interested More details please. Email me on

Anonymous said...

David, I have sent you an email yesterday. Check your spam box. The Subject is: "Ayrton Senna Tag Heuer 6000 post". I will send again so we can talk privately.


Anonymous said...


since I have sent you the watch pictures I did not hear from you anymore. Did you receive the emails? D

Anonymous said...

Please send photos and asking price.

Dean said...

If you were unsuccessful in getting a Senna 6000 and still wish to buy one please respond because I have a boxed and unworn one which I am considering to sell.

It is gents size with a stainless steel bracelet and is mint.

I can of course supply images.

Jordan said...

Hi, is this watch still available? Please email details to jordan at instantawnings then



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