Friday, 14 September 2007

Omega: The Choice Of Champions

Omega, the Swiss brand with a time-honoured tradition in the timing of the world's top sports events and in man's conquest of space (the one and only watch worn on the moon), became involved in golf with the launch of its international advertising campaign which features top players such as Ernie Els and Bernhard Langer.

These "winning personalities" are chosen as they symbolise the accomplished and upcoming men of the nineties. The game of golf is closely linked to the notions of accuracy and refinement, gentility and luxury, much like Omega watches. It is also their quick decisions on and off the course that have made them the stars they are.

When faced with a difficult ball, they have to decide how to play it and which club to use. Not just once, but constantly throughout all 18 holes. Being consistently reliable, on target, and making the right decisions have made them the golf champions that they are. They trust their judgment and have selected an Omega watch as their partner in play.

The same goes to successful people in other fields, such as Cindy Crawford, Michael Schumacher, June Anderson and Bryn Terfel.

Omega's message, "Outstanding personalities trust their judgment", is addressed to enthusiasts of the Swiss brand all over the world. Beyond this circle of convinced brand supporters, Omega is reaching out more specifically to a target public of young cosmopolitan consumers who can identify with super talents in fashion, sports and classical music.

In short, the Omega collection offers "profiled" models for "profiled" people.

The De Ville, in particular, is a classical and elegant watch that has won numerous design awards. Most notable are the six Diamonds International Awards, two City of Geneva Prizes and seven Golden Rose of Baden Baden Awards.

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